Solar Energy Designing, Installation,

Testing & Commissioning

What you will learn in this course

Network Design:

  • Design of solar system.
  • Installation of solar system.
  • Communication of solar systems
  •  the hand tools safety & properly
  • Introduction to photovoltaic system.
  • Advantages of photovoltaic system.
  • Application of grid connected PV system.
  • Health & safety procedures.
  • Brief introduction of weather effect on solar system.
  • Solar cells and its type.
  • Working and operations.
  • Series and parallel connection.
  • Open and short circuit test.
  • Battery and its type.
  • Inverters and its type.
  • Charge controller.
  • Tools for installation.
  • Installation and commissioning.
  • Installation and mounting structure.
  • What is net-metering.
  • Understand the solar radiation situation in Pakistan..
  • Identify the working of different types of solar cells.
  • Identify the working of different types of solar cells modules.
  • Explain the working of holding/ clamping devices.
  • Explain the work location devices.
  • Explain the use of measurement tools necessary parts assembling of solar modules .
  • Understand the safety and precautionary measures necessary in the assembly of solar (PV) system.

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