Python & Artifical Intelligence


What you will be learn in this course?

  • Python Programing Language Fundamentals

Build the foundational skills for Data Analysis with Python, such as importing, reading, manipulating, and visualizing data.

  • Data analysis, dashboarding, and data visualization techniques

Master the fundamentals of communicating information efficiently to business users via information graphics. Learn to recognize visual characteristics of data, choose appropriate display mechanisms, and transform data into actionable insights through Data Visualization with Tableau.

  • Business statics

Understand the role of statistics in helping organizations take effective decisions, learn its most widely-used tools, and learn to solve business problems using analysis, data interpretation, and experiments.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

Explore the fundamentals of Supervised Machine Learning, its key concepts, and types. You will also learn how to pre-process data to prepare it for modeling.

– Classification



  • Time series forecasting

Time Series Analysis is used for prediction problems that involve a time component. In this module, you will build foundational knowledge of Time Series Analysis in Python and its applications in business contexts.

  • Marketing and retail analytics

Learn the applications of Data Analytics to Marketing and Retail. Understand how marketing analytics can be utilized to further marketing objectives and measure, improve, and predict performance.

  • Web and social media analytics

Learn how the data collected from websites and social media can be used to make business decisions through different types of web and social media analytics.

  • Finance and Risk Assessment

Learn the applications of Data Analytics in Finance and Risk Management such as fraud detection, credit risk, probability of default modeling, etc.

  • Skill Enhancement.


  • Pandas
  • Numpy
  • Matplotlib & Seaborn
  • Sciket learning
  • AWS Data Transformation & Data Analytics


  • Jupyter Notebook
  • PyCham
  • Visual Studio Code Python Programming
  • Hands-on Industry Projects
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Data Science and Business Analytics
  • Enter in the technical club of PMS
  • Job opportunities
  • Collaboration with multinational companies

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